Urban water, sanitation & waste services Water, sanitation and hygiene access to clean water and toilets, with innovative ways to collect and recycle human waste into commercial by-products Rubbish management scalable business models for waste disposal in slum communities Enabling communities to drive the provision of urban services working with authorities and communities to include informal settlements within the planning process. Between now and 2020, our work on access to urban water, sanitation and hygiene services will focus on: The need More than half the world’s people live in urban centres. Slum populations are increasing by 10% each year and 1.8 billion people drink water contaminated with faeces. In 2015, diarrhoea was the second biggest cause of death in low-income countries. Huge progress has been made in providing clean drinking water, but access to toilets lags behind. Despite growing demand, there is a global lack of expertise in sanitation, hygiene and waste, especially in poor urban communities. Why Practical Action? We have a long and successful track record in bringing toilets and clean water to slum areas that officially don’t exist. We help unite local communities with authorities and the private sector, so together they can work out long-term solutions for waste disposal in slums for the benefit of all. The difference we will make Between 2017 and 2020 we aim to work directly with 1.3m people to help them access clean water, toilets and waste disposal.