Technology underpins all aspects of our lives: our health, how our food is produced, how we access water, energy and information, our transport infrastructure. Technology can enable us to live well, with less effort, and fewer resources. In the developing world, the lack of technology is stark: one billion people lack access to electricity; 4 million people die each year as a result of smoke inhaled while cooking on an open fire; and 800,000 children die each year from diarrhoea due to poor water and sanitation. Women and girls represent half of the world’s population and half of its potential, but are often excluded from the very technologies that could improve their lives. For over 50 years we have demonstrated the power of simple but innovative uses of technology to transform lives, and there is a growing world view that technology is a key to ending poverty. Now is the time for people across the world to embrace this opportunity and make technology work for people, and the planet. Transforming lives Inspiring change Our vision: Our vision is for a world where all people have access to the technologies that enable them to meet their basic needs and reach their potential, in a way that safeguards the planet today, and for future generations. Develop and demonstrate practical, technology-based solutions that enable women and men living in, or vulnerable to poverty lead dignified lives Partner with local communities and other organisations to ensure that the solutions work in the long term Inspire widespread adoption of sustainable technologies that work, so that our pioneering approach can benefit far more people than our work alone. Our mission: Our Ambition: By 2030 our ambition is to have transformed the way technology is used to improve the lives of people living in, or vulnerable to poverty.