Embedding our ideas and approaches into the work of others will catalyse the greatest impact on how technology is used to improve lives. We work to inspire others through: Inspiring a community of support Sharing practical ‘how-to’ information with individual farmers, entrepreneurs and development practitioners Publishing materials: providing practical knowledge, sharing global research, and stimulating discussion amongst development practitioners Stimulating students and young people, as the decision-makers of tomorrow Mobilising wider public engagement in the countries where we work, and globally, with a special emphasis on engaging the science and technology communities Advising development agencies and others through our consulting services Linking with the private sector – globally, nationally and locally Influencing governments and policy makers through our advocacy efforts. Join our community +44 (0)1926 634 400 www.practicalaction.org A shared ambition Our work to end poverty is far from over. But we’re confident that knowledge and technology, together, can enable communities to lift themselves out of poverty. Over the next three years we need to raise more than £100m to achieve our ambition We will only do this by working in partnership with fellow change-makers, who hold the same beliefs and have a shared ambition to solve the world’s most pressing problems. Help us achieve our goals and play your part in the future of Practical Action.