Agriculture for resilience demonstrating agricultural practices that increase resilience to climate change Agriculture for livelihoods enabling viable agricultural businesses for men and women, to improve their food security, nutrition and income. Between now and 2020, our work on sustainable agriculture will focus on: The need 800 million people remain undernourished, and one in nine goes to bed hungry. In developing countries, almost 80% of food is produced by smallholders struggling to adapt to climate change. Most agricultural innovation focusses on quick impacts, new varieties and genetic modifications, which are unaffordable for smallholder farmers. We need approaches that combine traditional methods with advances in technology and science. Why Practical Action? We have a strong track record in ecological farming methods for food production and income generation. Our agricultural work introduces communities to affordable, long-term solutions including renewable energy for water management and irrigation, access to finance, and climate resistant crops for better yields and increased income. The difference we will make Between 2017 and 2020 we aim to work directly with 2.5m people on sustainable agriculture methods, helping them to protect their own future. Sustainable agriculture